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Above the Clouds
Jack Estenssoro


Jack Estenssoro is a native Denver, Colorado based artist. Born in 1990 Estenssoro has experimented with art since his adolescence. Starting in 2015 oil painting became his primary medium of choice. Jack Estenssoro is a self proclaimed Neo-Sureal-Realist. Estenssoro's work deals with the complexity of ordinary, contemporary life that may be overlooked because of a sense of  banality. Estenssoro instead finds great inspiration in such topics and explores why such themes are of great importance to the zeitgeist. 


Jack Estenssoro

b. 1990

Denver, Colorado

Solo/Duo Exhibitions

2018- eboy. Station: Denver, Colorado.

2016 - Selected Works from Jack Estenssoro and Paul Keefe. Dateline: Denver, Colorado.

2016 - Selected Works from Jack Estenssoro. Maybe Sunday: Chicago, Illinois.

2016 - Sometimes It Just Makes Sense. Pirate Gallery: Denver, Colorado.

Selected Exhibitions

2016 - Political BS. Art Gym: Denver, Colorado.

2016 - Stuff On Walls. Helikon Gallery: Denver, Colorado.

2016 - Got It For Cheap Los Angeles. Monk Gallery: Los Angeles, California.

2016 - Drawing Never Dies. Redline: Denver, Colorado.

2016 - Art Mart. Museum of Contemporary Art: Denver, Colorado.


2016 - Vice: The Creators Project - "Conoce al artista que une magistralmente el Kitsch con el arte pop." 

2016 - Birdy Magazine: Monthly Publications.


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